Miss Motives
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"Jordan is the best! She is so easy to work with and she does an amazing job. We both had an idea going into my session with her and she executed it perfectly. Every time I asked her to do something different she did it and I came out of the session looking absolutely fabulous! Jordan made sure that everything about my makeup was absolutely perfect, I couldn't have been happier with the results. Motives makeup is the best. My makeup stayed on all day long and didn't smudge one bit. I got it done early in the morning and pictures weren't until seven at night, but I didn't even worry about my makeup looking faded! It was great and my makeup looks just as fabulous in my photo with Jordan immediately after getting my makeup done as it does in my photos almost twelve hours later. My skin felt amazing and I didn't break out even after having makeup on all day. The Motives makeup line is amazing on it's own, but when you have a makeup artist as talented as Jordan is to apply it, it makes the products that much better. Jordan+Motives are my go-to team for any special event."

- Layne

"Motives Cosmetics have changed my life in many different ways. First of all, I have never owned a makeup that i absolutely loved. Motives is the only way to go when you're trying to decide which makeup brand to go with! I have very rosey cheeks, something that i dont always like. As soon as Jordan put the Motives foundation on me i about freaked! Not only did it feel like i had nothing on, but it covered up my rosey cheeks BUT the cool thing was that you could still see my freckels and my rosey cheeks a little bit making it look super natural. Wearing Motives will change your whole perspective on makeup. It honestly feels like you aren't wearing any makeup, yet its coverage is so well. Jordan is a master when it comes to motives. She knows what will fit your skin tone and what will look the best for your face and skin. She is such a kind hearted person to e around, she has so much passion about her makeup. She is the whole package!! Motives is thee most amazing makeup I've ever put on my skin, and it lasts forever! Since Jordan introduced me to motives, I haven’t bought any other brand of makeup and i don't plan too!! I would pick motives every time. Motives is by far the only way to go when you're picking out makeup, and when you're looking for a sweet, down to earth, loving girl to do your makeup, the only person i would pick would be the motives queen, Miss. Jordan Landsiedel."

- Alexis

“Motives is definitely better than any other makeup I have used. My makeup looked amazing from the moment I got it done until I took it off that night. I loved it!"

- Bethany

"I have always wanted a makeup that makes my face look natural and not like a painted china doll, I have the hardest time finding anything that works with my skin-tone being so pale! With that said, I contacted Jordan (Miss Motives) because she always has such great tips and looks amazing so I thought hey ill give it a try! I have never been so happy! The powder foundation is amazing! It stays on all day and doesn't wipe off on clothes. (My husband loves that part!) I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin looking so nice! I love motives. And I will always use their foundation along with all the other products I have fallen in love with!"

- Emily


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